Bootstrapped Jetpack brings ad-tech innovations to the publishing long tail

Sensing a market opportunity, Marc Brown, Kevin Woolery, and Chris Tragos, founding team members of the successful pop-culture publisher BUZZMEDIA (now Spin Media), decided to strike out to compete through innovation in the fast-paced digital advertising industry.

Quietly bootstrapped in Santa Monica since 2009, their startup Jetpack has been creating rich media products for publishers with a focus on customization, responsiveness, and consumer engagement, helping publishers generate more revenue from their content. At the same time, they’ve built powerful tools for their self-serve platform, allowing advertisers, publishers with developer resources, and now designers to create high-impact digital advertising experiences.

Kevin, Jetpack’s CTO, explains that they’ve designed an advertising platform “comparable to an ad delivery system such as DoubleClick, but focused on non-standard ads, such as overlays, large video display, and active skins.” These types of high impact ads help maximize the revenue potential of a publisher’s content in the quickly changing landscape of digital advertising. You’ve probably seen Jetpack-powered digital ads if this looks familiar:


Click to see a live Video Wall demo

jetpackQRResponsive and mobile-optimized ad experiences are also changing the game, and creative approaches are essential to capturing the tremendous percentage of traffic coming from mobile browsers and apps. You can see some pretty cool examples by going here on your smartphone or scanning this QR code:

Specializing in creating these rich media campaigns has allowed Jetpack to grow successfully without outside funding. But they’re also building innovative technology that could change the landscape of rich-media digital advertising in a big way. The newest version of their turnkey platform features designer-focused tools, including many types of ad units and responsive design. Previously, the tools were created with developers in mind, limiting the self-serve option to companies with the developer assets to spare. The new versions will open up tools to many more companies to use the platform directly, helping accelerate the unit creation process, allowing for more iterations, and decreasing cost to the publisher or ad agency, even when only a designer is available to build the ad unit.

The tools use an intuitive interface which arms any designer with the relevant javascript library they’d need to create these high-impact ads without prequalified knowledge. You’ll soon start to see some advertisements with decidedly more punch than banners, even on content from smaller publishers.

If you publish content and want to explore new revenue strategies, or you’re a designer considering becoming an ad-tech hero, leave a comment below and let us know what innovations you’d like to see in the future.

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