ZEFR Branches Out

zefrVenice, CA based startup ZEFR has become the premiere network on YouTube. ZEFR provides solutions for professional content owners on YouTube, and it brings together the largest and most diverse collection of movies, television, music and sports content. With over 1 billion monthly views, ZEFR is the fastest growing YouTube partner. Not only are they the dominant company in the movie category on YouTube, but they also have partnerships with 6 major Hollywood studios and several other independents.

I spoke with Amy McGee, Sr. Director at ZEFR, and she told me about some very exciting news regarding ZEFR. Six months ago, the startup rebranded itself from Movieclips to ZEFR, and along with that rebranding came the expansion of the company. They raised more money and started offering up content ID and monetization tools to others. ZEFR has also branched out from just movies to music and sports as well. This week, ZEFR announced that it signed high-profile partnerships with UMG, Sony Music, Ultra Music, and NASCAR.

Amy explained that ZEFR spends a lot of their efforts in their specific technology that the startup offers. “It works very well for our partners. The existing tools and the new tools we have.” She also mentioned the culture that ZEFR has established as a startup. “As a business, everyone is so invested in the success of the company. ZEFR is such a fun and supportive place to work. Even as the company has grown very quickly from less than 100 employees to now 200, the founders Zach James and Rich Raddon have focused on keeping the ZEFR culture.”

Having branched out in not just employees, ZEFR is looking forward to its future ventures with its new partners in music and sports. “We work as closely with our partners as possible. We are adding more clients and more verticals, and we are also adding more tools to help our existing partners.” Rumor is that TV is next! I’d keep an eye out for this startup if I were you.

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