2013 EA Conference: Fast Pitch Competition


On May 10th, the Entrepreneur Association Conference will be hosting the 28th annual Fast Pitch Competition. The competition will take place at the UCLA Anderson business school. This competition offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business idea in 90 seconds to a panel of distinguished investment professional and entrepreneur judges.

Anyone can apply! You can pitch an idea or even a company you already own. Why should you apply? The total prizes of the competition are worth $9,750! First place gets $2,000 plus a 3 month Coworking Space and an incorporation package. Second place gets $1,000 cash and an incorporation package. Third place gets and incorporation package. Applying to the competition will also get you high exposure to investor community and Venture Capitalists, and you will receive free admission to the entire EA Conference. The panel lineup at the conference include e-commerce and retail, entrepreneurial financing, mobile advertising, social enterprise, corporate responsibility, sports startups, gaming, and so much more.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

I was able to speak with UCLA MBA student Meilinda Huang as she has been helping out with the EA Conference. “I have been following a lot of the LA Tech and startup scenes, and it is so important to go to these events. There are so many events out there and so many resources.”

Meilinda added how easy she has felt it has been to make relationships in the LA startup and entrepreneur ecosystem. “People love to help, and you can find relationships anywhere. I’m really impressed by the LA startup community. Nobody here in LA who I’ve reached out to has ever turned me down.”

Attending events like the EA Conference is just one way you can get involved and take advantage of the LA startup ecosystem. “I’ve been so grateful to be connected through meeting people at events like this one. It’s nonthreatening. You don’t have to have a great idea to be apart of the club. You can just go and learn and absorb.” Get involved, meet new people, and learn along the way.

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