Russian Filmmaker Bets On LA Tech Startup

Russian Filmmaker Bets On LA Tech Startup

Very quickly I realized that if you really want to become Someone in America you have to create something unique and be persistent in promoting yourself. Even if you can only show your naked ass in the window you have to show it every day at the same time so finally you’ll start to get paid for it

– Vica for Notes Of A Freshman​


LOS ANGELES – The tech-startup experience is one usually reserved for those who are involvedin a small startup company. Few have had the privilege to know what happens behind the scenes of a tech company in its beginnings, but soon you’ll be able to get a firsthand look at the inner workings of Enplug, an up and coming startup in Los Angeles, through the documentary Notes OF A Freshman.

In Notes OF A Freshman, Russian filmmaker Victoria (Vica) Kashtan (Sex and Breakfast) follows the team at Enplug from the inception of their idea to the launching of their business. The film juxtaposes the lives and work habits of the Enplug members with Kashtan’s desire to leave Russia to become a successful filmmaker in Hollywood.

“It’s a fun and serious story about risk-takers from two different worlds,” Kashtan said of Notes Of A Freshman. “I’ve always been attracted to people who take risks and spend their time creating their own way. It’s a story many of us can identify with, and one I am living everyday in LA.”

Kashtan decided to combine her talent for filmmaking with her passion for the LA-tech scene to create something artistically valuable so she will be allowed to stay in America. The project has the potential to change her life, and if Enplug succeeds, it will give her audience an insiders look at the birth of a thriving tech company.

NOF poster new he“I have always dreamt of being part of something big that could change the world,” Kashtan said about filming Enplug. “Something that would change the world. I always wanted to see how a big dream becomes a reality and then turns into a legend. I was looking for a unique idea for my movie and I met this man – David (Enplug CFO) – one of the top poker players in the world on the verge of building his own outdoor social network, a new media empire. Here it was. This was the story of my dream”

Kashtan has already filmed many hours of footage over the last eight months and has developed a trailer for the film that can be seen below.  She will be starting a crowdfunding campaign very soon to help fund the completion of the project so please check back for updates. Currently, Kashtan is the official photographer and videographer at SiliconBeachLA Unwind events and the co-owner of VKP, a Los Angeles-based production company that specializes in high-quality crowdfunding videos and campaign management. Additionally, her short film Sex And Breakfast will premier at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 Short Corner.

For more information about Notes Of A Freshman or to get a quote on a high-quality crowdfunding video Victoria can be reached at or visit her company website at

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  1. Dinesh Agarwal · July 15, 2013

    Enplug makes spurious claims. They say they have 10,000 screens. But their CTO recently admitted that these are mostly ‘on order’. If you search the web, you find pages saying that the retailers Shin Jung, Taipei Gardens, Iota and Dulcis bakery in Los Angeles have Enplug screens. I called them last week. NONE have Enplug screens installed. After days of searching, I have not been able to find ANY screens in an LA shop.

    Dinesh A.

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