thrdPlace wants to help make LA a better place to live


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This is a guest post by Woody Moore, V.P. of Marketing at ThrdPlace.

Woody is a serial entrepreneur, cause marketing thought leader and has found his calling with thrdPlace. He has developed and executed global cause marketing campaigns with fortune 500 brands and been part of both successful and unsuccessful young companies. He has worked for start up companies such as Viddy and Social Reality.


This Tuesday, thrdPlace revealed it’s plan to help LA2050 create a movement to shape the future of Los Angeles.  LA2050, an initiative spearheaded by the Goldhirsh Foundation, seeks to build the future of Los Angeles by improving our education, environment, health, social connectedness, arts & cultural vitality, income & employment, housing, and public safety.  To get there, LA2050 will be choosing 10 of the best ideas and awarding $100,000 grant to each.

It’s a big mission that thrdPlace hopes to help solve with a simple idea:  Create movements of local community members coming together to solve local needs.  Using online tools, thrdPlace helps anyone create their own project and raise the funds, supplies, volunteers needed to make it happen.  thrdPlace also gives government, for-profits, and non-profits the chance to get involved by translating their outreach into actionable projects that invite local communities to get involved.

So think for a second, get creative – what would you like to see in your neighborhood?  Maybe a community garden, or a beach clean-up?  Perhaps a new farmers market or Art pop-up? thrdPlace want to help you make it happen.

Check out thrdPlace’s approach to movement creation and lend your vote of support to help make Los Angeles a better place to live!

Woody Moore //

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