PictureHealing gives away 100 free custom mobile apps to non-profits

Launching April 3rd at 9am via Crowdfunder, PictureHealing invites 400 do-gooders to donate just $10 to the campaign. The goal is to raise $4000 to give 100 deserving non-profits a free mobile app for a year.

“I’ve committed to tattoo the name of the first donor of $1000 on my body to show how serious we are about empowering these awesome organizations!” -Christopher Brereton, Founder

At the $500 level, donors will get the opportunity to have “Brats and Beers with the founders
of PictureHealing. Among a host of other rewards like LSTN Headphones (another Crowdfunder success story), is a sold out, autographed print of a painting by and donated to the cause from Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

Get involved with the Crowdunder campaign here.

Non-profits are invited to submit a one page story at http://win.picturehealing.com about how their organizations are making a difference in their communities and 100 winners will be drawn lottery style to win the app. The stories will also be featured on the PictureHealing blog.
For more information, visit: http://100apps.picturehealing.com

A message from PictureHealing:

PictureHealing will be making an appearance at this years Business 4 Better conference where it will be showcasing the apps to over 200 nonprofits on this years exhibit floor. Nonprofits are encouraged to attend and can receive a massively discounted ticket by using the promo code: ADV

Read the LA Tech Rise profile on PictureHealing from January.

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