Using modern education methods to teach web development.

eventbriteimgsponsortreehouseA major shift in recent education innovation has been the willingness to flip the age old lecture-in-class/homework-at-home methodology. Newer approaches, championed by the likes of Khan Academy, involve allowing every student to view lectures, usually as videos, at their own pace outside of the classroom, which opens up classroom time for individual questions and exercises in person with the instructor.

This approach, along with the ever expanding library on online educational resources, has made a huge breadth of human knowledge not just available, but accessible even to those who haven’t yet learned to understand the basics.

Given the diversity of educational and professional backgrounds of today’s technology entrepreneurs, and the difficulty most have attracting and employing adequate developer talent, technical literacy is more important than ever- at every level of a healthy startup and for a startup ecosystem overall.

Here in Los Angeles, Treehouse and Coloft Academy are teaming up for a new 1 month online+offline class called Web Dev 101: HTML/CSS and the Front End, and are employing new approaches to inject effectiveness and efficiency into the often daunting task, as a beginner, of learning how to code. The class begins April 9.

Web Dev 101 is perfect for anyone who has either no understanding of coding, or just a basic understanding of HTML/CSS. In this course, you’ll master the fundamentals of programming, learn how to build and launch a website, and gain the skills you need to keep learning.

bryankoch120x120circleThe class will be led by instructor Bryan Koch and will include a full year of membership to Treehouse, which will open up a broad learning potential, but the in-person guidance at Coloft should help to keep students on track and supply one-on-one problem solving.

I have no doubt that increasing our base technical literacy is the surest and fastest method to taking our startups and our community to the next level, so I can’t wait to see if this approach is as successful as I think it might be. Maybe the coolest thing about the class is that it comes with a discounted entry to May’s Startup Weekend so graduates can put their new skills to the test.

Learn more about Web Dev 101 at Coloft Academy.

One comment

  1. Zach Sekar · March 22, 2013

    There’s an early bird special on that class if you sign up before midnight tonight.

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