Grubwithus Takes You From The Virtual World To Reality

Hungry…for friendships? The startup Grubwithus feeds your needs in a fun and meaningful way. Grubwithus is a community where friends and future friends create and join group meals. It’s really quite simple: browse available meals, purchase your seat, show up to the meal and socialize!

After talking with the CEO and co-founder of Grubwithus, Eddy Lu described his startup as a real-world social network, “where you interact online (like the other social networks), with the goal of meeting offline.”

Eddy and co-founder Daishin Sugano moved to Chicago from LA for business. In Chicago, they realized that their network was not very big. “We didn’t know many people or have many connections. We went to bars and pubs, but never really made long lasting friendships.” Eddy and Daishin asked themselves if there was a network where you could make really good, meaningful, sustainable connections. This is where they came up with the idea for Grubwithus. “You get to sit with meaningful people, eat really good food, share a good bonding experience, get to know new people, and have good conversation.” Nothing like building quality friendships!…And eating of course.

Grubwithus has given many people very unique and memorable experiences. For example, Eddy met a girl who said she got a job offer as a freelance photographer during her first Grubwithus dinner. Although Grubwithus is not a dating site, Eddy said there have also been meet ups that have developed into relationships. “Everyone that comes to dinner wants to talk and have good conversation. At a bar people have different reasons for being there. When people come together with the purpose of meeting and eating, it’s very powerful and meaningful.”

Face-to-face social networking is gaining popularity. As Eddy describes it, “It’s human nature. We need emotional connection and face-to-face time.” Over the past 10 years, social media and the online virtual world has come so far. It’s come so far that almost every interaction we have is online. “But it’s so much more powerful when it’s with someone right next to you and in person. Grubwithus allows you to engage online and use online mechanisms with the purpose of brining you offline.” Eddy emphasizes that going offline (the Social Media IRL trend) is going to become more and more powerful as we realize that you can only be fulfilled so much online. “People crave that offline interaction.”

Still hungry? Crave no more. The future of Grubwithus hopes to make it as easy as possible to get together. “We bring people together in an environment that fosters friendship. Whether it’s with new people, friends, etc., we want to make it super easy to plan meals with people and bring people together.”

The virtual world is fun and all…but sharing experiences with others is way more fun when you do them in the real world.

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