Year One: Dogvacay Barks Its Way Up The Ladder

Dog-Vacay-logoDogvacay is one of the startups leading the charge in Silicon Beach. It’s unique and practical concept has proven to be an easy, convenient, and positive experience for all…especially dogs!

How does Dogvacay stand out from its competitors? Let me paint a picture: you’re going on a 2 week vacation. You can either call up your irresponsible brother to watch your dog, or you can take your dog to the nearest kennel. This is a tough choice. Your brother doesn’t have much experience watching dogs, and at the kennel your poor pup will be spending 23 hours a day in a cage. Neither of these situations are ideal. That’s where Dogvacay comes into play. Not only is Dogvacay affordable (about $15-50 nationwide!), but it is also a more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. For one, you don’t have to worry that your dog is in bad hands or locked up most of the day. Two, your dog will be staying in a real home and will be taken care of by people who know what they’re doing.

You may be wondering how Dogvacay goes about choosing these dog sitters. The startup created an in-depth 5-step process that helps pick the best of the best. People who are interested in sitting A_-qTJrCYAAhaZZcome to the site and go through a process of questionnaires. Dogvacay then talks to them in person and makes sure that everything that happens within the process of watching the dog is covered and insured. It’s imperative that the dog sitters have experience watching dogs in the past. They aren’t necessarily professionals, but the sitters must have experience with dogs and caring for them. Introductions between the dog owners, dog and host all take place before the hosting. This is a great way for the dog owners and dog to meet the sitter in the environment that the dog will be staying. Basically, a little sniffing and greeting will raise the comfort level for all!

In March, Dogvacay will have its one year anniversary. Within this first year, the startup has been able to pay out more than $2M to Dogvacay hosts. Incredible! With another year right around the corner, Dogvacay hopes to continue to grow as a whole and add more quality sitters. As more people use Dogvacay, they will see that this startup is a great way to be able to make some extra cash as a dog sitter, and enjoy a nice vacation without worry as a dog owner.

One comment

  1. Dori · July 9, 2013

    DogVacay is especially great for us stay at home moms/dog lovers to make a little extra money for our families, while doing something we love. I was so excited to create Dori’s Doggie Domain in FL. They have hosts all around the U.S & Canada. Forget the kennel, and see if there is a host near you. You can use my coupon code DORIDOGDOMAIN for $10 off your 1st booking, even if it’s not with me 🙂

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