Tapiture is the #1 Traffic Referrer on Some Sites


LA Startup Tapiture is already the #1 referrer of traffic to some sites. Users have uploaded nearly 1 million pieces of content. In just over 6 months.

“There was a hole in the market and Tapiture is filling it,” says Tapiture CEO John Ellis, guys do want to collect and tap images (similar to pinning on Pinterest), “the content is different.”

tapiture-screen“Some merchants have come to us and said ‘Tapiture is already the #1 referrer to our site, how can we work more closely with you?'” Where Pinterest has the suburban Mom market with 80:20 ratio of women to men, Tapiture can offer merketers the inverse ration with a focus on the metro life style. “Its a different audience, and the content is different.”

From purchases to aspire to like super cars, to fashionable metro decor, to guys tapping to discover the latest looks & style – men’s content  is being tapped, shared, and liked on Tapiture.

“Fab has done a great job with post-sale,” logistics, time to delivery, etc. – “Tapiture is about top of funnel.” The highly visual site is ideal for showing off beautiful products and Tapiture offers “a more compelling social experience” than the traditional men’s product discovery channels like a GQ magazine.

Tapiture has raised a $825,000 seed round and is located in Venice, CA.

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