T-SHIRTS: Good Branding?


“As Aaron Sees It…™ T-SHIRTS: Good Branding?” is a guest post by Aaron Abram, an LA entrepreneur at Osurv who also runs one of LA’s Top 10 Tech EventsFounderPanel.

What is good branding?  Good branding is getting your company’s message across to the largest audience of prospective customers.  In the startup community, most founding teams believe that creating a bunch of company shirts and wearing them to work and at events is effective branding.  Are they crazy?  They forget that when everyone else at these events are also wearing the same type of shirts, it’s less effective. Hasn’t anyone seen the book, “Where’s Waldo“?  Waldo knows how to stand out!

Wearing your company shirt is not enough.  It’s what you do with that shirt that will attract attention to your brand.  EXHIBIT 1:  Look at GoDaddy.com.  They could of just told their employees to wear their “Godaddy.com” shirts around town.  Instead, they hired an attractive model and had her wear their shirt.  The result?  Tons of people go to their website to learn more about their brand.  A hole in one!

Now, I know what you are thinking…I don’t know of any models and I don’t have the cash to spend on a huge branding campaign.  Read EXHIBIT 2 and don’t laugh!

EXHIBIT 2:  I, Aaron Abram, wore a ParkMe company shirt to a community Hackathon recently to promote their parking app that I use daily.  Who would have thought that wearing their shirt would have caused so much hoopla!  That’s exactly what happened.  Many hackers came and expressed their curiosity of why I was promoting them and not my own company.  Later that evening, ParkMe Co-Founder and CEO, Sam Friedman informed me that he received “multiple reports” that I had wore their company’s shirt.  Who knew that I was being spied on!  At the hackathon it became a conversation piece and as a result, bundles of people downloaded their parking app and visited their website.  Best of all, ParkMe didn’t pay me a dime or inform me to wear their shirt at events.  They simply built a friendship with me, and mailed me their company shirt with a nice note.  

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that you need not be rich or a hot model to create some great branding via company shirts.  You just need to be creative and think outside the box. 

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