Hustle Beats Red Tape: Nix Hydra Games Interview

scissors cut the red ribbonLA Tech Rise’s C.J. Windisch sat down with Lina Chen, co-founder of Nix Hydra Games, an up-and-coming L.A. startup pioneering mobile and tablet gaming targeted at young women.

There is a lot of knowledge and inspiration to be gained from this South Africa born entrepreneur, but perhaps most interesting is her story of struggling (and succeeding) to complete a financing round under the shadow of an immigration catch-22 that only allowed her to obtain a visa after raising money, but only allowed her to raise money after attaining the visa…

Check out the full interview:

Learn more about their iOS offerings at the Nix Hydra Games iTunes page.

One comment

  1. Lina · February 17, 2013

    thanks Zach & CJ!

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