Unbucket Launches and Inspires

Bucket list: a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

Unbucket: an online platform for life lists. People can make a list of short-term and long-term goals, share lists between friends and family, and check off items when completed.


Live life to the fullest. That’s Unbucket’s goal: making it easier for you to get the most of life and the experiences that come with it. Not only that, Unbucket helps friends and family do things together. Lists are meant to be built with others, and this web platform is great for productivity AND bringing people together.


Unbucket Co-founders Elliot Darvick & Brian Berman

Co-founder Elliot Darvick spoke with me about the recent launch of Unbucket, and went into detail about what’s the company’s vision in this post-beta stage of his startup. Now that they are open to the public, Elliot said the response rate has been great. People are beginning to utilize the platform in ways that help them plan future experiences with people they care about. “It’s about having people live these lists out.”

Along with the launch, Elliot discussed Unbucket’s 8 partnerships. Elliot and his team asked themselves: how can we use this platform to have a more positive impact on people? With these partnerships, Unbucket is utilizing the content from these companies and putting the content into a format/content (lists) that makes it easier for people to understand and ‘live out in real life’.

For example, Unbucket partnered with Cookstr.com. Cookstr has thousands of recipes on their website, and as we all know, our fascination with food and recipes unites us and brings us closer to the people we care about most. Cookstr’s mission is to organize the world’s best cookbooks and recipes, and to make them universally accessible. By organizing these recipes into lists, people are able to (as Elliot explained), “Take online content and create offline action.” People can add these recipes to their own Unbucket list so that one day they can make the recipe with someone they care about and check off that item on their list.

The genesis of Unbucket was a Mother’s Day gift. Elliot decided to mail his mom a list of things to do together over the year to come. With Elliot living thousands of miles apart, this list brought them closer in ways that a phone call could not. Another partnership Unbucket has is with Will Schwalbe (who actually started Cookstr.com!). Will also shared a meaningful gift with his mother: a two-member book club. Will’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007, and when accompanying his mom at chemotherapy treatment, he asked her what she was reading. This question led to them forming their own book club. Will’s partnership encourages people to create lists of books they would like to read with someone they care about.

There’s so much social technology that connects us, but so little of it brings us closer together.

– Elliot Darvick

Unbucket is more than just checking things off a list. It’s about brining us closer together. “There’s so much social technology that connects us, but so little of it brings us closer together. I asked myself, ‘How can we use social technology to become closer with the people we care about the most?’ It’s about the social reinforcement of doing things with others and creating lists with others to develop that deeper connection.”

Elliot encourages people to make lists of not just exotic, far off places. Life’s also about the ‘small, near, and soon’ items on your lists. There are so many amazing things that are achievable in your own back yard. Whether it’s that book you want to read, that park you’ve always wanted to visit, or that recipe you’ve wanted to try, life is about checking these items off your lists with those who mean the most to you.

As for Elliot, he’s been able to check off and add a few things to his lists:

  • Check: ate pastrami at Leger’s Deli with his dad
  • Check: played a game of scrabble with his mom.
  • To do: visit Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA with his fiancé.

What’s on your list?

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