LA Uncubed: A Job Fair with Beach Volleyball

photo 5Yesterday, Annenberg Community Beach House hosted hundreds of Silicon Beach fans for Wakefield’s LA Uncubed. In case you couldn’t cut out of work a few hours early on a Thursday, here are the top ten things you missed:

  1. Black light room sponsored by SpaceX
  2. Oversized name tags
  3. Open Bar- with great beer!
  4. 72 degree weather on the beach
  5. Live Art Contest
  6. Annenberg Beach House
  7. Poop Shoes (you had to be there)
  8. Free stuff -chapstick, gum, sunglasses, the list goes on
  9. Daqiri
  10. Incredible cookies

LA Uncubed

Of course there were also tons of amazing companies looking for talented people. It was at its essence a job fair.

Ethan Czahor, VP of Engineering for The Honest Company, was there looking for engineers, like many other CTOs. He had a successful afternoon and managed to meet one good Ruby on Rails developer. “To hire someone who is an LA native is almost impossible.” Ethan’s had to recruit from as far as Washington and Texas, and has tried using over 30 recruiters.

This event gave those sought after developers a great chance to check out their options in a fun setting. Come back soon, Wakefield!

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