I’m here in New York City for a day, and though I don’t have time to get as involved in NY tech and startups as I’d like, I did have a chance to spend some time here for the first time in a long while, and I’ve made some observations about how Manhattan’s “Silicon Alley” compares to our startup world in Los Angeles.

“Silicon Alley”

Some are obvious differences: the weather is hard not to notice, and of course the density of the city allows for a great mass transit and lots of people walking, regardless of that weather. It actually makes me notice that, though we almost constantly enjoy fantastic weather in southern California, in many cases we spend less time outside than they do in Manhattan.

New Yorkers’ reputation for being standoffish is not entirely unfounded. While, in general, people here are full of energy, there’s often a sense of being rushed, compared to the surfers’ smiles we default to in L.A. In a condensed setting, like the coworking/education space General Assembly, that energy is palpable, and it’s something I hope GA’s new Santa Monica location is able to duplicate. Stay tuned for an in-depth look into GA soon, it could be biggest thing we get from New York this year.

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