Top 10 Startup Events in LA Tech

10. Schmoozd & Start Engine Events

Schmoozd & Start Engine events are amazing for networking and meeting the hatchling companies in LA. If you’re pre-seed, you need to go to these events. You’ll find some of the best entrepreneurs in LA hand-picked by Howard Marks. Both Start Engine and John Diep’s Schmoozd are the best places to show off your newly launched product. The big names in seed stage today demo’d at these events. This is the place to be if you’re an angel investor wanting to find the next flock of great companies.

9. LA Tech Happy Hour

LA Tech Happy Hour is where you go to make new connections in Tech. A relaxed vibe of talking tech and having a beer brings out 150+ engineers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and early adopters in Santa Monica. It’s one of the few events on the list where you’ll regularly find engineers mingling other than engineers-only meetups.  At 1,600 members, LATHH is 1 of 5 Los Angeles groups in the Top 100 Worldwide Tech meetups worldwide. Hope to see you at one! (LATHH is run by Zach & I from LA Tech Rise)

8. FounderPanel

FounderPanel, formerly known as Tech Cofounder Dating LA, has been an LA staple for over a year. Its the place to go for Founder advice from industry vets. At over 1,100 members with consistently sold out events & high quality speakers & panels, Aaron Abram’s events are a must attend.

7. SiliconBeachLA Weekly Unwind

SiliconBeachLA is by far the newest in the field, however its become a killer meeting-reduction mixer by Robert Lambert. The weekly unwind let’s you condense 10 coffee meetings in to one after work drink night in Silicon Beach (the defacto standard for meetings). It’s where intros happen, partnerships begin, and mentorship is hatched.

6. TechZulu

TechZulu events are some of the best in LA. Out of all the events, Amanda Coolong & Efren Toscano are the only people that manage to unite the Pasadena & Silicon Beach scenes with amazing speakers like Bill Gross and still have quality Startup mingling post event. I’ve met many a TCA angel at TechZulu’s events.

5. The LAUXmeetup

Did you know the biggest UX Meetup IN THE WORLD is in LA? Crystal Ehrlich has made a splash in UX with an amazing lineup of speakers and events to keep LA at the forefront of user experience & product design.

4. DigitalLa

DigitalLa hosts the premier events for the collision of tech & entertainment. One of the best places to network in tech & entertainment – by Kevin Winston, the top tech event promoter & organizer in LA. DigitalLa is also responsible for LA’s version of SXSW – Silicon Beach Fest – a must attend for everyone in LA Tech.

3. LeanLA

The Los Angeles Lean Startup Circle meetup has the well deserved title of the largest tech meetup group in Los Angeles with just under 3,000 members. All the familiar faces of LA Tech are at Pete Mauro’s meetups, from the 3 year vets to people new to the community. Great content and speakers on the challenges of being a new startup founder and entrepreneur keep people coming back to LeanLA’s events.

2. Startups Uncensored

Startups Uncensored may be the longest running event series in LA Tech. Founded way back in 2008, (that’s “back in the day” for LA Tech), Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar, has made a major impact with ever growing crowds and great talks. You’ve got to check it out – its an LA Tech staple.

1. Pando Monthly

Although its not run by an angeleno, it’s hard to beat Sarah Lacy at content quality. Every Pando Monthly event in LA has sold out. And every interview Lacy does seems destined for the history books. Elon Musk talking about retiring to Mars at one of the first events at the venue for tech events, Cross Campus – forget about it. You can’t beat it, and she continues to get the most important movers and shakers in LA Tech to tell their story to the world on the Silicon Beach stage.

There’s dozens of other startup oriented meetups & events that are worth attending, so check MeetupEventbrite, & Gonnabe for the latest. And keep your ear to the ground – this list is certain to get disrupted in 6 months in our rapidly changing Tech community. (I also left out technical events – those could fill a whole list of their own).

Now go out and hit these events for BD, recruiting, fundraising, and connect face to face with the LA Tech community.


  1. Zach Sekar · January 29, 2013

    Speaking of Startups Uncensored, Box CEO Aaron Levie is speaking on 2/20:

    I recommend you attend, but if you can’t, tweet questions to @LATechRise and we’ll get them answered.

  2. Hey CJ,

    As a re-transplant to Santa Monica (recently returned from a 3-month trip to Southeast Asia), thanks for this post. I’ll be attending these events.

  3. Shahab · January 29, 2013

    Hi C.J. wanted to let you know of an event CoFoundersLab hosts at Cross Campus and the BTC in Pasadena to matchup Co-Founders. We also have a free online service that’s been used in LA for over a year now, so good online and in-person community developing around the idea that good startups are built on solid teams.

  4. Mark Landay (@MarkLanday) · January 30, 2013

    Hi C.J.
    The events listed tend to attract unfunded start ups. LA CEOs is for CEOs only of funded companies and is the premiere monthly event for tech CEOs. Also, SoCalTech Group is the longest running event series in LA Tech, 20 years. So long running and exclusive they don’t even have a website.

    • Zach Sekar · February 5, 2013

      Hi Mark, thanks for the response.

      You’re right, these are all open event series, exclusivity didn’t seem appropriate for a general top 10 list. Anything too exclusive for a website would seem not to want press 🙂

      Where can we learn more about LA CEOs?

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  8. CM Events · July 17, 2013

    Reblogged this on CM EVENTS and commented:
    LA Startups: If you’re looking for the best events around Los Angeles for inspiration, or a chance to speak with investors, fellow startups and entrepreneurs, you should check these events out.

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