Next Mayor of Silicon Beach?

Startups Uncensored 33Last night’s fireside chat with Eric Garcetti was the first DocStoc speaker series with a speaker that was in no part directly associated with the technology business. Eric is neither a startup founder, investor, or advisor, but he will probably be the next mayor.

The pre-talk crowd was a great mix of active networkers happy to mingle until DocStocers shuffled everyone to their seats. Most were interested in hearing Eric’s input on bolstering LA’s tech community, such as Skot Carruth, Managing Partner of Philosophie .”I want to hear how he plans to continue the initiatives that Mayor Villaraigosa started.”

CitySourced’s Andrew Kirk had a close connection to the Council Member’s motives, “We partnered with Eric before, and want to see how he plans to build more partnerships with tech companies in LA”.

Other big questions focused around large technology companies and tax breaks. Such as what Eric’s plans are to keep existing giants such as Google, as well as entice new ones.  Many commented on the fact that LegalZoom zoomed straight out of LA due to taxes.

During the fireside chat, Jason Nazaar offered his close friend Eric more than a few softball questions such as – Why did you choose public office? and Did your father influence you? The talk felt like  a great opportunity for Eric to reach the movers and shakers of the technology industry, but he focused little on their real concerns and more on political issues like schools and public safety.

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