Does your LA startup need to be in Santa Monica?

Silicon Beach

Yes. Not maybe. 100 times yes.

Silicon Beach is real. Maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy, however it is here and it’s a good thing.

Founders can’t afford to sit in traffic in LA to get to a pitch. And arguing over a meeting spot for every meeting you have gets old. Should we meet half way between Manhattan Beach & Hollywood? Should I pick a coffee spot near you? Near me? The de facto answer is Santa Monica. No one questions it.

If you don’t live here, tough luck. Sit in traffic. Because the industry agrees, Santa Monica is the place for tech. SM is the Palo Alto of SoCal. It’s just where you startup.

Besides, work-life in Santa Monica is an amazing recruiting tool. Facebook and Google HQ’s might have slides, but Norcal will never have Santa Monica’s luxuries . Talent wants to be here – we’ve got great beaches, great activities, tech connections, great schools. It doesn’t get any better.

So unless you’re in entertainment tech (where your clients will be by the entertainement centers in LA, which aren’t Santa Monica), you need to be in Silicon Beach.

Silicon Beach is where events happen, where you’ll meet engineers, and where you’ll hold investor meetings. It’s where the community is.

Make the move. It’s worth it.

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