Tapshare: A ‘Micro-Communities Making Social Photo Albums’ App


This unique, new and revolutionary iPhone app makes it easier to create and share publicly-editable albums around any topic you choose. When using Tapshare, users are able to take photos, add them to albums, and share those albums through text messages, emails, or tweets. It isn’t the typical photosharing app like Instagram, Flickr, etc. Tapshare’s photo albums are public and center around events and topics that anyone can create. This app has the potential to solve the problem of privacy. If you’re at a party, you can upload photos from the party. If you’re not there, you can’t. It’s photo exclusivity at its finest!

Myke Armstrong, co-founder of Tapshare, came up with the idea with co-founder Jacob Fatoorechi when they were first working on an app about a year ago called “Listen Up.” That app was initially designed to make it easier to remember the people around you. After using it, they realized it wasn’t that much fun. They needed to pivot to make the app more appealing and fun to people to make them want to download it. Myke liked the idea of adding photos to the app. They explored the idea of a location-based photo app, but after realizing the issues with that, the idea took one more pivot, and Myke and Jacob came up with Tapshare: group photo albums.

When speaking with Myke, he explained a few advantages that Tapshare has when compared to other similar photo apps. For one, Tapshare has great user-interface. Another advantage is that it is the most social photo app out there. “You’re not just sharing a photo album. It’s about the entire social experience that goes along with these micro-communities that are created when you create an album,” Myke explained. If you’re at a party, everyone can add photos to this party’s photo album on Tapshare, but the fun doesn’t end there. You can find all your Facebook friends using the app making you instantly connected with your friends.


In an unheard of move (and in my opinion, creative move), Myke and Jacob offered equity in Tapshare to spread the word on their Halloween launch, last year. They gave some equity away to the person who created the most popular Halloween album. This promotion encouraged a huge amount of word of mouth; it made “power users” at parties tell their friends to download the app. Myke said the equity contest was something people hadn’t really seen before. Tapshare got a great response from the promotion, even being covered in PandoDaily (the most influential tech blog in Silicon Valley).

Tapshare isn’t Myke’s first rodeo in the tech scene. He has grown up with the Internet. When he was young he played around with building web pages and started building websites for people for cash. Myke teamed up with Jacob when Jacob was working on a nerdy shirts company. Since then, they have created Tapshare in the past year and are looking forward to the future of their startup. Myke claims he is most excited about getting the word out about Tapshare. Since they just recently launched, they can’t wait to see the response once the word spreads and seeing people use the app. “I am excited for Tapshare to help the LA scene.”

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